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Look Out – Here Comes Another Fake September Second Coming Prediction – This one with Cultic Overtones from Satan’s Zodiac

Sep 18th, 2017 | By

A new eschatological deception has been in the news over the past month that claims the zodiac and an alignment of planets will produce cataclysmic events on Saturday September 23 leading to the Second Coming of Christ. I heard about it first during a phone call from someone who was heading to a church meeting
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Parables, Anointings, Visions, and Dreams

Sep 18th, 2017 | By

The strokes of the Spirit’s revelation will change to the spiritually discerning from oil, to watercolors, to acrylics, to pastels. One section may be brushed in a pure view of things transpiring in the Spirit at the time the prophet was gifted with the charismatic gift of the discerning of spirits. Another view may unveil truth in a parabolic picture that presents in an instant of a moment what may take an hour to describe in the printed word. So let’s take a brief look at all of these charismatic manifestations to prepare you for future studies in the Bible’s eschatological texts.