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eschatology Today is dedicated to the proposition that all Christians are created equal in their ability to intelligently interpret the Holy Spirit’s eschatological record. Our aim is to rid Christendom of the humiliating blight of “Pan-tribism.”

Pan-tribism is the woeful state of feigned ignorance a majority of Bible-toting Christians claim when asked to give a defense for the prophetic Scriptures.

“Bible prophecy? Go away, don’t bother me with it. My pastor’s favorite expert is good enough for me. It’ll all pan out anyway.

“Besides, I get lost in the Laodicean church age thing in Revelation 3. And I’ve been trying to get through Ed Eschaton’s latest book 2016 to Infinity since I received it as BCN’s monthly gift offer last Rosh HaShanna. I’m finally to the planet alignment chapter that talks about the nuclear plant meltdowns and Feast of Trumpets A-bomb disasters he spoke about on the air. And I’m still confused about how they fit into Ebola virus and AIDS.”

If this sounds like you, this blog is dedicated to helping you knock it off.

Why bother the Hebrew prophets from 900 BC through 100 AD with prophetic insight into the second coming of Christ, if they weren’t to be read and understood?

When you take the time to do it, you will find that the message of Bible prophecy has little to do with the whether-or-not’s of the church’s presence during the Tribulation. Or whether Henry Kissinger or King Juan Carlos will be the Antichrist.

What you will discover is that God’s ultimate aim of mankind’s redemption has been slowly moving us away from what we became through Adam’s death (Genesis 3:19), back into the God ordained image of what Adam originally was [whatever that was] before he fell (Revelation 21:3; 22:3,4). That is, if you’re willing to study. And if you’re willing to let the Bible, not cut and paste allegory, interpret the Bible itself.

Eschatology Today is finally here to help you wade through the allegorical quagmire of Revelation’s text with college knowledge expert study pointers on pneumatology and hermeneutics. Because the Book of Revelation conveys God’s overarching mind on salvation and the end of the age, much of what we see in the prophetic scriptures is seen through a glass darkly. His omniscience is transciendent and so often inexplicable. But, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can “get the gist” of His prophetic movie revealed to the prophet John.

As you study, believe, as David did in Psalm 119:66

Teach me good discernment and knowledge,
For I believe in Your commandments.

So, ready to read? Ready to think? The box office is open and the film is threaded. Come on in and take a seat!
About Eschatology Today Publisher, Mark Norris

Since encountering the love of Christ in 1978, Mark Norris (B.A. theology/M.A. journalism) has served the Lord as a senior pastor, Christian education director, adult singles minister, Bible institute coordinator, prophecy radio teacher, television prayer ministries director, publishing house editor, and author.

Over his 20 years of professional writing experience Mark has served as development and redevelopment editor on A Moment’s Notice, by Hilton Sutton; Rapture, Get Right, or Get Left, by Hilton Sutton; End-time Events, by Charles Capps; The Day Before Eternity, by Rob Parsley; Revelation, by Paul Yonggi Cho; and Daniel, by Paul Yonggi Cho.

Today Mark serves as a liaison for the U.S. Army.

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