Sword of the Spirit

To most in the Realm of Drugolin, otherly lore lingered as mysterious  legends best suited for late night hearths. On rare occasions one might hear of strange visitations. Some of huge, radiant beings bearing aid and guidance. Others of dark, evil creatures summoning dread and death. All were a part of Drugolish legend, but few took them seriously.






The westland village of Noy couldn’t afford the apathy of its unenlightened, middleland neighbors. Its enclosing fortress walls stood as a monument to the frightening visitations it experienced, day and night.







When the town’s most celebrated adventurer receives a prophetic lamp and a divinely empowered mission, he teams with one final group on a faith empowered  trek  into the dread regions of evil that could usher in an eternal age where mortals are like angels and God reigns supreme.





The otherly is waiting…will you go?







Robbed of his parents while a youth by dark forces, Eagan Argyle was raised in Drugollin’s most southwestern town of Noy where his parents moved to be near the borders of an infamous, otherly forest. Immediately after buying Noy’s Hillmaster Inn, Eagan’s parents were visited by mysterious beings and sometimes left home for up to six months at a time. When twelve, he was finally approached by an otherly just inside the forest tree line. The next year his parents disappeared completely. As the years drew on otherly visitors and townfolk vanishings drove the boy to seek the unknown. Then one night a twelve-foot anglech showed Eagan the way in to the forest that led to its heavenly way and taught him some protective measures to avoid his parents’ end.  After several trips and seven years later Eagan began offering his own guide services to folk realm-wide who were drawn by otherly visitations and rumors of  paradise. After two dangerous failures othery messengers visited him regularly with encouragement of one more trip that could end in success.  Yahwin (God), Krystos (Jesus), warrior angels, warrior prophets, and Satan’s fallen host battle in this prophetic thriller for the victorious rewards prophesied at the Book of Revelation’s end.

The otherly is waiting…