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08 The Four Horsemen Iran in Prophecy? The Iranian Dream…

In light of the Russia-Syria-Iran alliance In Iraq and Iran, today’s breaking news of the ISIS factioned army fighting against Bashar al-Assad’s regime, and Iraq, we could be witnessing the reunification of ancient Persia prophesied by Ezekiel as a major last-days ally of Gog”s infamous battle foreseen in Ezekiel 38.

Eschatology Today Logo A Word to the Wise Is Sufficient

This article discusses how hermeneutics can crack the cover of Bible prophecy. It also links several articles that give you the heremeneutic tools for your “own” eschatology study. Where the Word of God Is Bound, So Are We, Where It’s Not, We Are Free is the basic rule of this literal study discipline. You need no “expert” to show you what Revelation means. Become your own eschatologian today, at Eschatology Today!

unidiotsecuritycouncil Worthless Waste of Space – or Antichrist Incubator?

When President Woodrow Wilson’s vision for a League of Nations was fulfilled in 1920, his idea of a world body that would protect and take care of the downtrodden and provide a united front against oppressing, bullying nations was pure. But what has happened over the years has fallen far short of his initial intentions.

08 The Four Horsemen Apocalypse Now!

Look “people of earth, look upon this! Look at your destiny! Here are your church age events!” Have you read Parables, Anointings, Visions and Dreams? If you haven’t…tsk, tsk, tsk… please do now so you will be fully equipped to read this article. If John’s revelation of Israel in Revelation 12 presents the best working picture
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30 Great White Throne Parables, Anointings, Visions, and Dreams

As I point out in “Searching for Key Words the Inductive Way,” once you focus on the available literal revelation there is in the New Testament’s eschatological record, any free connected interpretations may apply to the event…

mount-ararat-noahs-ark As the Days of Noah Were…

This site’s teaching article, Apocalypse Now!, shows the key event connections of Jesus’ Matthew 24 eschatology and His opening of the six seals in Revelation 6. When you understand the inductive study method outlined in biblical hermeneutics, you can pick up on the chronological ascent of Holy Spirit’s revelation in Scripture. Here are those chronological connections again…


Zechariah by Michelangelo sistine-chapel-jeremiah The Battle of Gog

There is a prophesied end-times war in the Old Testament book of Ezekiel that will once again  unleash God’s divine power to utterly destroy an enemy that comes against Israel. Ezekiel says God will turn this enemy about and put a thought in his head to come out of the north to attack. He adds
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03 Christ Amidst theLampstands Interpreting the Rules of Revelation

Bible prophecy. Can the ordinary every day pew warming Christian understand these passages of Scripture that  make up one third of the Bible’s text? “No,” so many prophetic “experts” seem to say. Their allegorical commentaries that have flooded Christian airwaves and bookstores over the years read and sound like parroted last-days Rapture squak. “Go away, don’t
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31 The Books Are Opened What Would You Do if 2015 Were Your Last Full Year on Earth?

How would you fare if your judgment seat was scheduled for some time this year? What would you have to offer God for reward on behalf of your Christian life on earth? Tough question for those who haven’t given their life totally to Him. Hebrews 9:27 27 …it is appointed for men to die once and
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1597812099_large The Dark Forest

To most in the Realm of Drugolin, Dark Forest lore lingered as mysterious legend s best suited for late night hearths. On rare occasions one might hear of strange visitations. Some of huge, radiant beings bearing aid and guidance. Others of dark, evil creatures summoning dread and death. All were a part of Drugolish legend, but few middlelanders took them seriously…

RussiaIran 2015 Prophetic Year in Review

For those of us watching possible fulfillment of prophecy in 2014 and 2015, eyes on Russia and Iran were particularly fascinating. Ezekiel 38 speaks of a “Gog” led last-days Israel invasion that will include Persia, the modern nation of Iran, and most of the current middle east.  I cite two possibilities of who the Eschaton’s 
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Shazbatz Benai Shazbatz Benai and the Quest of the Windy Dune

Once long ago in the land of Chassirrrr-Chanaq lived an upright young man named Shazbatz Benai, who lived with his mother on the plains of Chadierrrrrrr. Shazbatz was good to all creatures, from princes to wiesels. Though it was often his habit to avoid the company of asps. He was a devoted son and possessed exceptional skills as a dyer of wool and weaver of garments.

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