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Noah and the Blood Covenant

Feb 2nd, 2019 | By

Noah is the first believer in scripture to overtly offer God innocent animal sacrifice, making him the first literally revealed man of blood covenant in the Bible. This article will show how this world renowned patriarch’s salvation through the Great Flood is rooted in the blood covenant of atonement that foreshadowed Jesus Christ.

The Truth About the Christmas Wise Men

Dec 16th, 2018 | By

It’s that excellent time of the year again when the miraculous birth of Jesus and all its amazing encounters are given world-wide press. The angels that appeared to Mary, Joseph, Zacharias, and the shepherds are remembered this time of year…

Our Model of Before-and-After Christian Faith

Apr 2nd, 2018 | By

The apostle Peter is remembered mainly in Christian tradition for his crucifixion night desertion. Yet, after his conversion, Peter learned to hold his tongue, raised the dead, and was so anointed with God’s healing power that the people “…even carried the sick out into the streets and laid them on cots and pallets, so that when Peter came by at least his shadow might fall on any one of them” (Acts 5:15)… Peter is the only mortal who ever walked on water, and was used to birth the Gentile Church. This is how the Word of God remembers him, and we should too.

The Truth About the Resurrection

Mar 28th, 2018 | By

John 21 tells us Jesus worked one last earthly ministry miracle the third time He appeared to the disciples on the sea of Tiberias beach. Jesus called out to Peter, Nathaniel, James, and John who questioned their catch as they returned from a fishing trip. When they acknowledged “none,” Jesus encouraged them to try again, and their nets were filled to capacity. To make an accurate account of His appearance, John even counted the number of their catch (153 fish)…

Mary Magdalene Was Not A Whore

Mar 28th, 2018 | By

As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus this Easter season the church will rehearse the great truths of our miraculous birthing. Included among them will be Mary Magdalene’s role in discovering our risen Lord. And once again in popular Easter movies, pageants, and sermons, she will be cast in the role of a whore. But Scripture teaches otherwise.